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Attorney Bio: TeamMember
Arash Ebrahimi Personal Injury Attorney

Arash Ebrahimi, Esq.


(678) 835-7560

(470) 401-1081 (facsimile)

Arash Ebrahimi is the founding attorney and owner of The Ebrahimi Law Firm that is based out of Lawrenceville, Georgia.  He practices in mostly personal injury or tort actions.  Living and growing up in Georgia, Arash received his bachelors in finance with a concentration in computer information systems from Georgia State University located in Atlanta, Georgia.  He then attend and graduated from Atlanta's John Marshall Law School, and was admitted to the Georgia Bar in November of 2016.  Since then, he has set a personal mission to help individuals who have been injured including as a result of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and represents drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.  These examples are just a few of the types of cases he was been successful in representing.

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