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A.      Terms and Conditions and Company Disclaimer

The Terms and Conditions, Company Disclaimer, and the Privacy Notice of this website, related world wide web pages, or the uniform resource locator addressed at,, (collectively, this “Site”), and related to The Ebrahimi Law Firm LLC (“Company”), contains information, hereinafter referred to as, the “Content”.  The following are language that has been adopted in reference to the Content to give notice to the

users or visitors of this Site:  The Content Of This Site Is For Information And Advertisement Purposes Only.  The Content of this Site and behalf of the same on behalf of the Company should not be construed to refer or represent in any way legal representation or advice, legal counseling, sponsorship, endorsement, or any attorney-client relationship whatsoever.  The Content of this Site is for the sole purpose of general information and advertisement of the Company, and, therefore, should not be relied on in any way.  No Relationship Or Obligations Arise Out Of Use of This Site Or By The Content Thereof.  The Content of this Site does not guarantee the information listed as any information may be outdated or may not contain complete information. Any information or representations made within this Site, including but limited to, questions, inquires, or any kind of communication or correspondence, should not be relied on as legal advice or legal representation.  Any legal representation, advice, or agreement of the Company will always be in writing with the attorney signature.  ​Attorneys found on this Site are licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia.


B.      Privacy Notice

Confidentiality Is Not Guaranteed. ​The visitors or users of this Site, consent by the use or visitation to this Site, to provide data including cookies that are used to collect data, specifically with Google Analytics and its partners' sites or apps, and in no way does this website or Company use such data except for use of understanding advertising strategies that reach out to such visitors or user of this Site, to better reach out to and communicate with clients or the public at large (see Notice of Privacy, click "Google related privacy policy, notice, and related information" below, or located at the following URL:  Any reproduction of any of the Content of this Site is expressly prohibited, including any republication or re-transmission of any information or material in this Site.


Copyright © 2019 The Ebrahimi Law Firm LLC.  All rights reserved.

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